My approach

My Shiatsu practice follows the lineage of Zen Shiatsu founded by the Japanese Master Shizuto Masunaga (1925-1981). I am an advanced student of Shiatsu and am training under Dr. Wilfried Rappenecker, a pupil of Masunaga’s and the founder of the “Schule für Shiatsu Hamburg” in Germany which is one of the leading Shiatsu institutes in Europe.

My experiences as a qualified yoga teacher, my background in Western medicine and microbiology and perhaps most importantly, my own life journey form an integral part of my approach to Shiatsu.

In my therapeutic practice I experience Shiatsu as a meditative encounter with the patient. This encounter takes place through the “moving touch” and by paying close attention to the reactions to it. The purpose of this therapy is deep relaxation and the activation of self healing capacities. Shiatsu stimulates vitality and can also be a helpful companion during life crises and transformative processes.

How does my Shiatsu treatment – “The Moving Touch” – work?

My Shiatsu treatment usually takes place on a futon on the floor. During the treatment the client is fully clothed in comfortable, loose fitting attire. I work approximately 50 to 60 minutes in one session.

The treatment starts with an assessment of the client’s health through questioning, body and face scanning, and a hara (tummy) or back diagnosis. Thereafter I will apply gentle pressure with my palms and thumb to the meridian lines, or to body sections to which my attention is drawn, e.g. the shoulder or chest.

After the treatment there will be time to observe its effect, and also for a short exchange. On that basis we can then tailor a treatment to your specific needs. This might include yoga breathing techniques and Masunaga´s meridian stretches, as well as basic yoga asanas.

My treatments are gentle and nurturing, they do not resemble the more vigorous Eastern style Shiatsu.