Zen Shiatsu


Our Shiatsu session will start with a short talk to get to know each other. This is followed by an energy assessment in which I combine a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and a Zen Shiatsu approach. The treatment itself will take place on a large futon mattress placed on the floor. You should preferably wear loose fitting clothes and bring a pair of thin socks.

During physical treatment I use a variety of techniques.  These include gentle stretching, rotation for the joints, exercises for breathing awareness, pressure through my palm, thumb, sometimes elbow and knee, along meridian pathways. Hara (tummy) massage can be part of the treatment.

We will close with extra time for you to sense what you may feel inside, and we can also use it to share our impressions, if you so wish. This will be the first step on your journey to wellbeing and healing.

Rates and specials

I offer different rates as well a s specials for regular treatments:

  • Once-off and first time Shiatsu treatment: ZAR 750 / 90 minutes
  • Follow up treatment: ZAR 650 / 75 minutes
  • Package of 5 Shiatsu treatments: ZAR 600 x 5 / 60-90 minutes each. – This will include a longer consultation and advice on self-treatment (e.g. diet, breathing exercises, yoga asanas, meditation.)
  • Special rates for clients with low income, especially for all carers: please enquire!
  • Yoga, breathing, meditation one on one classes, detox courses (individuals or small groups): please enquire.

I also offer free weekly meditation sessions in our home – as well as beginner courses for mindfulness and meditation practice – please enquire, no previous experience necessary.